Palas is a jewelry brand born in 2019 with the sole purpose of making summer the standout season of the year.

Driven by their shared passion for the sea and the sun, Léa and Eugénie teamed up to embark on a new adventure. It all began with sharing decorative items, a vintage wardrobe, handmade ceramics, and eventually some jewelry pieces they enjoyed assembling.

Both have been immersed in creative environments since childhood, fueling their desire to design elegant and colorful jewelry. Creations meant to be cherished and kept, like cherished talismans that are never removed.

The two creators also find inspiration in their choice of materials. They naturally turned to 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel, a metal that doesn't tarnish and doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Thanks to its properties, Palas jewelry can be worn all year round without fear of being submerged in water.

All Palas creations are unique as they are hand-assembled in the brand's workshop in Lisbon. This artisanal approach allows Léa and Eugénie to guarantee the high quality of their jewelry and to let their creativity flow by thinking of new models that you'll love to wear.

"Although self-taught initially, our now sharpened eye makes it possible to create jewelry of which we are most proud. Because every detail matters, every reflection, color, shape... nothing is left to chance, not even the subtle differences offered by the manual assembly of our creations."

Léa & Eugénie